Currently research work is planned in the following areas. Already there is active progress in a few of them.

1. Computer Science

  1. Natural Language Processing (based on inputs available in Indian Philosophical systems)
  2. Speech Synthesis and Speech Recognition (based on Paninian Systems of Phonetics)
  3. Indian Cryptographic System (based on inputs available in Mantra shastra and other Sastras)
  4. Artificial Cognition and related aspects.

2. Mechanical Sciences

  1. Preparation of Alloys based on inputs available in Sanskrit works of Alchemy
  2. Preparation of Metallic substances and Nano particles based on Sanskrit works
  3. Preparation of bricks, mortar, paints, weatherproof materials etc that is environment-friendly without undue exploitation of natural resources, and also long lasting.
  4. Preparation of organic scents, perfumes and fragrances having preventive and curative properties

3. Agricultural sciences –

  1. Preparation of Organic manure
  2. Preparation of specialized mixtures that will enhance the taste and flavour and other such properties in fruits and vegetables
  3. Ancient agricultural techniques to enhance the quality and yield of crops
  4. Specific techniques for the above (like getting mango yield throughout the year)

4. Behavioural Sciences / Health Sciences

  1. The rasa theory and its impact on the human psyche
  2. Significance of certain Traditional practices and their utility in prevention and cure of mental and physical diseases by inducing correct behaviour
  3. Nadi Vijnana and impact on the Human being
  4. Usage of mechanized Nadi Vijnana for diagnostic purposes

5. Food and Nutrition

  1. Preparation of Neutraceuticals and Ayur-ceuticals
  2. Preparation of Organic foods
  3. Preparation of Medicated water
  4. Preparation of specific dishes (using organic substances) for the purpose of curing certain diseases and medical conditions
  5. Water purification
  6. Other such items

6. Environmental Sciences –

  1. Steps to be taken for protection of Environment
  2. Water conservation and Water management
  3. Specific methods of planting certain designated trees etc not only for the protection of environment, but also to generate specific types of atmospheres for specific purposes
  4. Other such aspects.