Virtual Academy of Ancient Knowledge systems (VAAK) is an independent Academic unit, under the umbrella of Samskriti Foundation. It has an Advisory Board of experts and an Executive Committee which manages its affairs. In due course, it shall invite specialists from various fields to become members of a support team called Samskrita Vijnyana Parishat, which will extend technical and subject wise support and help to VAAK.

VAAK offers academic courses of study. These are different from what the other institutions offer as it is open to any body interested with out any pre qualifications and the student can study on his own, based on the materials suggested, under the guidance of the faculty. At the end of the prescribed period, he/she has to submit a dissertation / research work on the topic suggested by the guide. This will be evaluated by the guide / external examiner. The courses offered cover a wide range of subjects.

Further, VAAK will also identify projects for research and undertake them. Students and other professionals in related field, who are interested in the project could volunteer to join the research team.

The vision
To bring the best of both worlds by bridging the modern technology with ancient Indian knowledge systems.


The Mission
To make the ancient wisdom of India available to all through a web based resource centre where one can access such information, study it and conduct research on it.