Samskriti Foundation is a Public Trust engaged in the activity of preservation and propagation of Cultural and Scientific Heritage of India. It has brought out several publications in the form of books, Audio CDs and Interactive Multimedia Computer CDs on various aspects of Indian cultural heritage, Manuscriptology and so on. The Foundation has embarked on a journey of re-establishing the moral and spiritual values through its innovative and pioneering programmes aimed at promoting improvement in the quality of life through living in harmony with nature and upholding the path of righteousness.

Samskriti Foundation offers various services like conducting courses in Sanskrit and Shastras, mining information on various topics like Aeronautics, Ayurveda, Music, Linguistics and so on from ancient Indian texts, translation of Sanskrit into English / Indian languages and the vice versa, publication of books, CDs, and research projects associated with Indian culture and heritage.

Under the able guidance of Prof. M.A. Lakshmithathachar, an eminent scholar of Sanskrit with many years of experience in research covering a wide range of topics, Samskriti Foundation has organized many conferences / seminars / festivals of Sanskrit, Ancient Indian Knowledge Systems and Manuscriptology etc., very successfully.

In one such National Sanskrit Festival held recently at Bangalore, eminent scholars and participants felt the need to establish a virtual academy which would have a global access and would promote the awareness, study and research on Ancient Indian Knowledge systems. They further felt that Samskriti Foundation which has been involved in similar activities for over a decade now should take the lead in creating such an academy.

 Responding to this need expressed by many, Samskriti Foundation has established Virtual Academy of Ancient Knowledge which will be devoted to promoting awareness, offering academic courses and involve itself in research in the area of ancient Indian knowledge systems.